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I recommend Squarespace because they are better than other DIY platforms at keeping up with changes and their customer support is excellent. When you've got a bit of savings, I'll recommend that you consider working with a designer and perhaps using Wordpress instead. Although this site is Squarespace so maybe not. OK, so the website sounds simple! It will take you some serious work and patience to make the copy good enough to attract your right-fit clients. Here are instructions about how to write ridiculously effective copy.

Establishing a private practice

Get a quote for free. Most of that is rent, so if you find a better deal on that, your number can go WAY lower. Usually you can start saving when you have four or five sessions per week. Here are the things you should spend your money on during this next phase.

Starting a Counseling Private Practice - 8 Simple Steps

If you find a photographer you LOVE who charges less, you can get this done sooner. By now you'll know whether you're rocking that DIY website and making it great OR you could use some help. Consider working with a designer who understands the particular needs of therapists. Empathy sites is one great, trustworthy option. Having a profile on one more directory will increase the odds that your right-fit potential clients will find you online.

Look for the kinds of clinical trainings that inspire you the very most and can give you the skills you and your clients value. Invest in reputable and life changing training, even if it costs a bit more. Speed up your journey by taking a course that teaches you marketing and business management skills and pushes you to actually USE those skills right away. Pitch yourself to the organizations where your right-fit clients hang out.

Did you just throw up a little? Ok, just consider it. As your practice grows this will help you stay organized and keep your time and energy focused on the right stuff. There are tons of systems to choose from. Find reviews of almost all of them at tameyourpractice. Ready to take your practice to the next level and invest some more?

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Consider finding other ways to serve your right-fit clients. Blogging remains one the best ways to boost your traffic, reach your ideal client and showcase your expertise as a therapist. Source: Neil Patel. Get started with your blog or take your current private practice blog to a new level with the resources below. Source: HubSpot.

Search engine optimization SEO remains an important part of marketing a private practice, but can be confusing, time-consuming and frustrating. SEO Guide for Therapists. Social media can be a great way to reach your ideal client with content they are interested in. Using social media to share the content you create ie blog posts , as well as helpful content your clients find interesting, can help you attract more clients to your private practice.

Use the links below to learn how to use social media to build your private practice.

Find a location for the private practice

Sanock, LPC. Grow Your Practice With Videos. Networking and building your referral sources can seem a bit old school, but the truth is, it works. If you have a solid network of colleagues, clients and other people in your community sending you clients, then marketing gets a whole lot easier. How To Get Referrals from Doctors.

Need Free Private Practice Coaching?

I asked 14 experts in private practice marketing one question:. The friend taught Neace how to ensure that Change Inc. Louis, he was already getting one to two phone calls per week from prospective clients. One month before Neace opened the doors to his new practice, he already had his first few clients scheduled. Change Inc. And I love getting to create an environment that prioritizes the elements of counseling that I believe are most important to transformational clinical work. When asked what advice he would give to counselors interested in setting up their own practices, Neace emphasized the following:.

I always wanted to keep my hand in counseling, so I often contracted through agencies or under other therapists or had a solo practice while still being employed. Riggs cautions others to think carefully about giving up additional sources of income while building a practice. Riggs has used a variety of methods to attract clients. However, Riggs does recommends that counselors focus their marketing efforts.

Instead, she advises that private practitioners find ways to speak directly to their target client populations, such as by holding workshops or giving presentations at service organizations. Riggs enjoys running her own practice but grants that being a CEO and a counselor is a tough balancing act. Occasionally, I block a mental health day for myself and spend time with non-therapist friends.

She employs an accountant and someone to manage her website and consults with a social media expert. She does her own scheduling, billing and filing of health insurance claims with a little technological assistance. Riggs uses practice management software that allows clients to schedule online, sends clients appointment reminders, bills insurance, posts payments and even provides a central place for Riggs to take progress notes and write treatment plans.

Not having the luxury of sick time or paid leave as a private practitioner can be difficult, but Riggs thinks the trade-off is worth it. When asked what advice she would give to counselors interested in setting up their own practices, Riggs says the following:. To get up and running, Stokes networked with other counselors in private practice, but he says he owes the most to a former supervisor.

The first step was finding an office location [and] community I wanted to practice in. This was not difficult since I knew exactly the town where I wanted to set up my practice.

10 Steps to Start a Private Practice in Counseling – USA TODAY Classifieds

From there, I needed to find office space I could afford. Living paycheck to paycheck, I needed something extremely cheap. After the office space, I finalized my paperwork [and] insurance paneling and started to let others know I [would] be open for business Oct. Like other first-time small-business owners of all stripes, Stokes was unaware of how much business knowledge he would need to run his own practice.

Suddenly, his practice mushroomed. I was seeing about 40 clients a week and knew I could not sustain that level of practice.

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Little did I know, this was my starting point of group practice development.