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As far as dreams go People will use this against you! However you can occassionally get a useful hint in a dream that will tilt favorability in the waking world more into a sort of dreamstate for you. This in turn will make your life move more naturally and organically, though may not be the most logical choice you would make.

Having clues in dreams and adding them to our modern life can help us enter a different world full of more peace. Besides that, I must say that I really do not beleive in deja vu, in it's strictest sense. I've never experienced it since I left Iran 35 years ago.

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I've thought about it a lot of times. Does that mean my life was supposed to continue there and was interrupted by the migration to United Stated? Deja Vu This always happens to me i like to say what i said in the dream because i like to see my dream materialize and it always happens the person that i said it to said what she said in the dream!

Last year at the end of my dream i always see a picture and then i kinda think something in my dream this year i went somewhere that i never went and i caught myself thinking what i thought in the dream! Experiences in my life.

Deja vu may be the outcome of travailing in dream time. At one time i would have said that to travel while asleep was complete bunkum. Or the feeling that i have been there before ,knowing full well that i had not was the same. I can tell you that i have been in a dream where my friend and i were doing two separate jobs of work. The dream was quite clear in the morning and i was going to tell him of the out come but i was so surprised when he said to me.

It was exact I would love to tell you all more ,because there is much more but this little square is far to small I have definitely had the experience, more than once, where I knew I had seen a situation before, knew what someone was going to say, and then he said it! At first it was unnerving, but then I just became intrigued. WHen I was 13, I had a dream that one of my sisters was in a car accident. When I woke up, my parents were not home, and, puzzled, I got my little and myself ready for school and we left.

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When we got home, we found that my parents were called in the middle of the night that my sister had been in a car accident. ANd, when my sister BH recovered, we found that the accident was exactly as I had seen in my dream. I also went at age 14 to a visit a friend who had bought a new house, which I had never seen this was 40 years before internet and smart phone et al, so she could not have sent me photos! I wish I could use it at will! Yes, I actually have heard all of this before And quite frankly, stopped "blurting out" years ago because it would freak people out.

Fascinating answer! Thanks for posting! Deja Vu Theory I have a theory that we have lived everything and made our decisions before, but we don't remember it, like you experience your own future before it happens, but reality won't let your mind remember it. But sometimes those memories slip by and you get Deja Vu. Time may not be what we think it is, maybe some big decisions in life are just chances to re-write mistakes.

Life has so many possibilities and outcomes and I think we have already experienced them all. Now we just live this one and wait for the next one to come.

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Tell me what you think! Is deja vu real Deja vu is a feeling. If feelings are real then deja vu is real - by definition. Such an interesting topic!!

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In our consciousness flow there is potentially a range of thoughts, earthbound, mystical, connecting memory cycles from past lifetimes Sometimes moments of deja vu happen when a child hears a piece of music 'for the first time' Our conscious mind may be wondering how that mozart concerto could be so resonant with our 3 year old, but we have no idea of how many times the soul of our child could have been exposed to that melody When one is tired the threads between conscious and unconscious minds start to thin, creating the beginning cycles of REM sleep frequency waves Here's a great tip!

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Doug finds out "Snow White" is actually a time window, and can send inanimate objects into the past. Despite Denny's protests against tampering with the past, Doug has the team send a note back to his past self with the time and place to stop the ferry bomber. Instead, his partner Larry Minuti gets the note and while following up on it is shot by the terrorist. The team attempts to follow the fleeing terrorist, who takes Minuti with him, but he moves outside of Snow White's range. However, Doug is able to follow him in the present using a specially equipped vehicle with a mobile Snow White unit.

In the past time, the bomber takes Minuti to his bayou shack where he kills him and sets fire to his body. Still needing a vehicle big enough to hold the bomb the terrorist goes to Claire's address, kidnaps her and takes her car. Using a facial recognition system , the ferry bomber is identified and taken into custody. He turns out to be Carroll Oerstadt Jim Caviezel , who is angry at the military after being turned down for joining by both the Marines and Army , because their medical screening showed he was unstable.

Considering the case now closed, the government shuts down the Snow White investigation.

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Despite the killer having been caught, Claire and the ferry victims remain dead, which unsettles Doug since he is convinced that the Snow White team can actually alter history. Doug persuades Denny to do one last experiment: send Doug to the past to save Claire and stop the bombing; a risky procedure, since no human has ever been sent back. Doug survives the trip, because he was sent back to a hospital emergency room, where they were able to revive him. He steals an ambulance and gun and races to Oerstadt's shack just in time to stop Claire's murder, while Oerstadt flees with the bomb.

Doug and Claire go to the ferry. Doug boards to try to find and disarm the bomb, but meanwhile Oerstadt captures Claire. Claire is tied up in the bomb car with her mouth gagged with duct tape. A brutal gunfight ensues which culminates with Doug attempting to negotiate with Oerstadt but finally catching him off guard and killing him.

He gets into the car to try to free Claire but police surround the vehicle and threaten to open fire. To save everyone, Doug and Claire purposely drive the bomb SUV off the end of the ferry before it explodes. Claire escapes but Doug, unable to get out of the vehicle, dies in the underwater explosion. As Claire mourns Doug's death, she is approached by an identical Doug Carlin, the one from her present, who consoles her. The idea of a time travel thriller film originated between screenwriters Bill Marsilii and Terry Rossio , who were friends.

Rossio had a one-page idea for a film called Prior Conviction about a cop who uses a Time Window to look seven days into the past to investigate his girlfriend's murder. As they were talking about it, Marsilii says "I had this explosive kind of epiphany -- "NO! The first time he sees her should be at her autopsy!

Rossio later wrote, "The first concept was good, and the second concept was good, too, and together they were great. Ideas and issues and themes seemed to resonate, and in the end the screenplay felt as if it was telling a single powerful story. Marsilii and Rossio wrote the film together.

They communicated via email in attempts to develop the plot due to communication difficulties. Brian Greene from Columbia University was brought in as a consultant to help create a scientifically plausible feel to the script. Rossio later wrote that Scott was "Completely the wrong choice, in that Tony had stated he had no interest in making a science fiction film, and suggested the time travel aspect be dumped My hope was that we had a screenplay that could be the next Sixth Sense.

Tony wanted to make just another also-ran surveillance film. Rossio says at one point Scott quit the project and he and Marsilii had to work on the script so that Denzel would not quit. They reworked the script over two weeks and "the revision was deemed so good that not only did Denzel re-commit, he called Tony and talked him into coming back on board. Reportedly Denzel made Tony look him in the eye and swear he wouldn't quit the movie again.

Tony said yes, but on one condition -- He wanted to bring on his own writers. Principal photography in New Orleans, Louisiana , was delayed following Hurricane Katrina because of the devastation caused by the storm and the collapse of the levees. Some scenes of the post-Katrina devastation were worked into the plot, including those in the Lower 9th Ward ; additionally, evidence of Katrina's impact on the city was worked into the script. To create a sense of realism, Scott and Washington interviewed numerous men and women whose real-life occupations pertained to positions in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ; Washington has noted that he and Scott conducted similar research during the productions of Man on Fire and Crimson Tide.

The explosion of the Stumpf was filmed using an actual New Orleans ferry in a portion of the Mississippi River sectioned off especially for the event; the occurrence took over four hours to prepare. Compositing was done on the Autodesk Inferno special effects program. Jim Caviezel's character, Carroll Oerstadt, seemed to mirror in several ways the story of Timothy McVeigh , a domestic terrorist who destroyed the Alfred P.

Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City with a bomb in Caviezel and Scott [17] did not deny this, and both admitted that the Oerstadt character was at least partly based on McVeigh. Special features on the disc include an audio commentary from director Tony Scott for both the film and its deleted scenes. Songwriters such as Harry Gregson-Williams contributed music to the film; artists like Charmaine Neville and Macy Gray performed music especially for the film. The soundtrack was released by Hollywood Records. Alongside Mexico , the three countries were the sole nations to open the film in November.

The United Kingdom opened the film on December 15, , and was followed shortly thereafter by New Zealand on December Australia was the last English-speaking country where the film premiered, on January 18, The site's critical consensus reads, "Tony Scott tries to combine action, science fiction, romance, and explosions into one movie, but the time travel conceit might be too preposterous and the action falls apart under scrutiny. Joel Siegel of ABC News called the film technically "well-made," but criticized its attempt to describe a supposedly scientific basis for time travel as both silly and dull, [30] as did Manohla Dargis of The New York Times , who additionally found the depiction of parishes decimated by Hurricane Katrina "vulgar".

Both Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii have acknowledged that the film was not shot the way they had wanted it to be, shifting the blame to director Tony Scott and his goal to focus more on the action aspect of the film than on the more meaningful plot the screenplay had called for. Marsilii, although "quite critical of the mistakes made," said he was proud of the finished product. The award was won by Brandon T. Jackson for his performance in the film Roll Bounce. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

British Board of Film Classification. March 28, Retrieved July 4, Retrieved 23 June American Film Institute.